Paras Fasteners is the outcome of determination and disciplines to achieve a level of quality of its fasteners which may gain your confidence by way of their engineering, workmanship & stringent quality controls.

Paras's fasteners are engineered to precision, accuracy and perfection. Their performance is testimony of their durability and adherence to the international standards. By virtue of our established manufacturing organization, technical skills and through professionalism in all fields. Our patrons have recognize us outrightly.

Paras Fasteners is established by Mr. Sunil Kumar with the 22 year's experience, to serve the fasteners industries with its quality products especially, All kinds of Industrial Fasteners & High Tensile Fasteners. The Company is serving the highly reputed exporters and suppliers .The company is not only having its products in the local market but also exporting to various developing and advanced countries. The Company is benefited much because of the highly professional and customer oriented approach of Mr. Sunil Kumar. The Company is achieving new heights under the dynamic leadership of all team of Paras Fasteners, This is only because their understanding and in-depth experience in the Fasteners industry and others that today Paras Fasteners stands for Quality Perfection Precision and durability, It's brand name SPF have become synonymous to perfection not only in the local Indian market but as well as in the abroad. The company is supplying his products to OEM.

Our products

We manufacture wide range of Bolts, Nuts, Washers, ASTM Studs, Foundation Bolts, Threaded Rods, Anchor Fasteners and other allied items confirming to rigid international standards such as DIN, ASTM BS, ANSI, IS and ISO etc. The application of our products is wide and varied. It is used in building Automobiles, Railway Wagons, Railway Engines, Agricultural Pump set, Electronic equipments setting up of steel Cement, Paper, Chemical, Fertilizer & Petro Chemical Plant construction of Hydel, Thermal Atomic Power station etc.

Cold Forging

For Cold Forging section, We are equipped with Bolt makers, Nut Former, Auto Tapping Machines, Wire Drawing Machine & Thread rolling Machines.

Machine Shop

For Machined items, We are equipped with Auto nut Cutting machines, Copy turning, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Centreless Grinders, Special Purpose Machines for Multi Drilling, Induction Heating Equipment. Internal & External thread milling machines, semi auto lathes, Drilling machines & surface grinders.

Heat Treatments

The heat treatment is done in continuous atmosphere controlled furnaces. In-process controls like CP monitors, temperature controller & recorders, infra- red gas analyzer ensure consistent metallurgical properties.

Surface Finishing

Paras Fasteners has in house facilities to offer a variety of surface finish options to our customers. The facilities include microprocessor controlled automatic zinc phospahting lines, zinc plating lines and Dacromet coating lines. The surface finishing facilities are also equipped with baking ovens to take care of the hydrogen de-embrittlement process.

Tool Room

High Tensile Fastener being a tool intensive industry, Paras Fasteners has invested in excellent tool room in the manufacturing location. All tools are made in-house. The facilities in tool room include coating and Cryogenic treatment equipment. In-house tool manufacturing ensures faster development of special fasteners and gives Paras Fasteners an edge over competition in offering a wide range of complicated parts.